Breast Augmentation Singapore

Breast Augmentation & Enhancement in Singapore

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Breast Augmentation Singapore or augmentation mammoplasty is a surgical procedure done for cosmetic reasons, to enlarge breasts’ size or restore breast volume, as well as for breast reconstruction purposes, such as after an injury or after mastectomy – which is the removal of whole breast due to breast cancer.

Breast Augmentation Singapore Benefits

  • Enlarge breasts that are naturally small
  • Increase the fullness and projection of breasts
  • Restore your breast size and shape after pregnancy/breastfeeding or after a weight loss
  • Restore symmetry when the breasts are asymmetrical
  • Restore the breast(s) after breast cancer mastectomy surgery or some other condition or event that affected breast’s sizes and shapes

In general, women usually experience a big boost in their self-esteem and positive feelings about their sexuality after undergoing breast augmentation.

What Breast Augmentation Singapore Will Not Do?

Breast augmentation does not correct severely drooping breasts. If you want your breasts to look fuller and to be lifted due to sagging, a breast lift may be required in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Breast lifting can often be done at the same time as your augmentation or may require a separate operation. Your breast augmentation plastic surgeon will assist you in making this decision. 

Are You A Candidate Suitable For Breast Augmentation Singapore Surgery?

Breast enlargement or augmentation surgery suits you if:

  • One or both breasts failed to develop normally or have an elongated shape
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical
  • You are dissatisfied with your breasts as you find them too small
  • You are bothered with your breasts losing shape and volume after pregnancy, weight loss, or with aging
  • You are unhappy with the upper part of your breast appearing “empty”
  • You are physically healthy




Breast Augmentation Singapore – How Is It Done?

Step 1: Anesthesia

Breast augmentation surgical procedure will usually take approximately 2 to 3 hours. It will be done either under general anesthesia (you’ll be asleep) or local anesthesia with an oral sedative. You and your surgeon will determine this together.

There will be a fixable bra and you are recommended to wear it for 2 weeks after the operation. Stitches will be removed about 2 weeks from surgery.

Step 2 – Incision

Incision choice will depend on several factors such as the type of breast implant to be used, the degree of enlargement, your anatomy, and your ultimate preference. To minimize visible scarring, these are the 3 incision area options: under the arm, around the nipple or under the breast.




  1. Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision – under your arm, in the armpit. This is done using an endoscope for the insertion of the implants, which will minimise the damaging blood vessels and nerves. The advantages of this incision option are that there are no visible scars on or around the breast and the recovery period is short. This option allows future breast feeding even after the breast augmentation as it will not damage the milk duct.
  2. Periareolar (Areola) Incision – around your nipple. This method uses an incision along the areola. The result is a scar which is not obvious, though a side effect may be the loss of sensation of the nipple.
  3. Inframmammary incision – in the crease under your breast. This is done to avoid any scars on the armpit. This method is appropriate for large implant insertion, as well as revision surgery and major correction.


The Singapore breast augmentation plastic surgeon should discuss and explain all the possible incision methods with you and together you will determine which incision option suit your needs and your desired outcome.

Step 3 – Breast Implant Insertion & Placement

After the cut is made, your breast augmentation surgeon will insert a breast implant into a pocket either below your chest muscle or directly behind the breast tissue (above your chest muscle)  Under the pectoral muscle (a submuscular placement) – below your chest muscle.

Just like the incision choice, the breast implant insertion and positioning method used will depend on the type of breast implant, your body type (anatomy), the degree of breast enlargement desired, and your surgeon recommendations. So be sure to discuss these options with your breast augmentation plastic surgeon.

Step 4 – Incision Closure

After the breast implant is in place, your Singapore breast doctor or plastic surgeon will close the incisions with layered sutures in the breast tissue and with skin adhesives or surgical tape to close the skin and keep it closed.

Initially, there will be evident incision lines. Over time the incision lines will fade.


The Results of Breast Augmentation

The visible results of all breast implantation (augmentation) procedure are immediate. There will be some swelling caused by the surgery, but it will resolve within a couple of weeks. As the swelling dies down and the incision lines fade, you will have a better idea of whether the breast implant or augmentation procedure done by your Singapore breast surgeon has met your expectations.


Breast Reconstruction

Today, most women in Singapore who have mastectomies choose to have breast reconstruction as some of them do not feel whole or as feminine and many felt that breast reconstruction is a good way to enable them to feel better about themselves and make a fresh start in life.

What is A Mastectomy

A mastectomy is when breast tissue is removed due to the presence of cancerous growth. The amount of tissued being removed vary patient to patient. It depends on the size and stage of the patient’s cancer, the body type and her personal preference too.

Breast Reconstruction Options

There are a few ways to reconstruct the breast. The option will be based on several factors such as:

  • The patient’s health and lifestyle
  • The body type
  • The breast size
  • The patient’s personal choice
  • The amount of remaining skin and breast tissue

Breast reconstruction can be done using the patient’s own body tissue, or by using breast implants or by using a combination of both.



Breast Reconstruction Timing

Breast reconstruction can be done during the same time as your mastectomy, or it can be done weeks, months or even years after. The advantage of having immediate reconstruction is that you have only one operation and recovery period. And you can avoid the experience of having only one or no breasts.

The advantage of delayed breast reconstruction is that it allows you to focus primarily on your recovery from the cancer, rebuild your strength and allow you more time to consider the options before making any decision about breast reconstruction.